20 Hilarious Halloween Fails To Spice Up Your Fright Night Season

This year’s Halloween is only more than a week away, and people are already prepping for the trick-or-treat festivities. Of course, one of the most anticipated aspects of the day, as always, will be the costumes. From the traditional Jack O’Lantern pumpkin suit to the extravagant Kamen Rider outfit, people can dress up as anything in this day and age.

However, not every attempt at preparation is a flawless one. For this Halloween season, we have collected for you 22 hysterical Halloween fails to spice things up a bit. Have a fun Spooky Season, everyone.

You Had One Job

Somehow, This Pennywise Costume Looks Even More Horrifying Than The Original

A Store Decide To Hang Up Some Ghosts For The Festivities, But They End Up Looking Like Something Else…

The Most Wholesome Chucky I’ve Ever Seen

When The Company Agrees To Dress At Dominoes, But This Guy Got The Wrong One

Thanks. Now I Won’t Be Able To Eat Any Pumpkin For The Rest Of My Life

And The Stupidest Halloween Costume Award Goes To…

When The Ghost Has Had Enough Of Your Crappy Halloween Decoration

My Disappointment Is Immeasurable, And My Day Is Ruined

When You Think Dressing Up As Sexy Ghosts Would Be A Good Idea

Tried To Look Funny, Ended Up Looking Relatable Instead

This Dad Misunderstood His Kid’s School Costume Parade In The Most Hilarious Way Possible 

This Is Actually Some Pretty Neat Design, If It Isn’t Display In A Nursing Home

When You All Agree To Dress Up As Pirates, But One Of You Is A Diehard Baseball Fan

To Be Honest, I Can’t See Any Difference

When You Made The Best Costume Ever, But Failed The History Class

This Guy Needs A Bigger Rudolf Costume

When You Attempt At Cosplaying A Teletubby Gone Horribly Wrong

Thanks. I Think I Will Get A Trat, Please

The Unicorn You Wish For, And The One You Got

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