30 Ridiculous & Funniest Signs That Will Surely Catch Pedestrians Off Guard

Have you ever seen a sign on the street that looks so utterly hilarious, you can barely hold your laughter in? Signs are supposed to be simple, concise, and informative, but no one said you cannot add a bit of humor to them.

In this extensive list below, we have brought you some of the most random and funniest signs we have found in public that will surely make you spit out your tea. To us, it seems like these signs’ makers were having a blast making them, so let’s dive right in to enjoy the hilarity.

Someone Clearly Loves Their Alligators Very Much, And I Don’t Blame Them

Should I Be Worried Walking Here?

I Would Say, This Is Quite A Ballsy Warning Sign (I’ll See Myself Out)

What The Hell Happened Here?

Let The Church Help With What, Exactly?

I Very Much Doubt That A Hat Can Fit In Any Of These Boxes

What Kind Of Cougar Are We Talking About Here?

*Insert Complimentary Oh Deer Joke*

When She Gives You Mixed Signals

El Arroyo Being Very Relatable Here

The Instructions Are Very Unclear

Get Your Priorities Straight

Try One Of Your WHAT?

When The Sign Makers Isn’t Impressed With Your Culinary

Average Halloween Marketing Campaign Be Like

Very Poor Choice Of Words

Wait Until Her Parents Find Out About This

Jimmy John’s With A Rather Explicit Marketing Slogan

We Need More Aggressive Littering Signs Like This

Well Someone Is A Jason Momoa Fan

Roger Bucklesby Being Incredibly Relatable Here

You Didn’t Have To Call Me Out Like That

These Pizzas Taste A Little Weird

Guess I’ll Find Another Way In

How To Make A Glasses Advertisement Properly

We Don’t Blame You. Squirrels Are Very Distracting Indeed

When Your Teaching Decides To Add A Little Humor

It’s Free Real Estate

Ba-dum Tss

I Don’t Know WTF This Is, But I Want To Join

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