A Sparkling Discovery: The Banded Broadbill’s Charm in the Canopy

The Allure of the Banded Broadbill: A Gem Amongst the Trees

Vietnam is home to several types of broad-billed beaks, including the wide-billed variety. This bird is about 22 cm in size, with a bright and attractive appearance. Its underparts are a light red, while its wings are black with yellow patches. The upperparts are a rich red bordeaux color, and it has striking blue eye rings and a turquoise blue beak. Interestingly, the only difference between male and female birds of this species is that males lack a black stripe across the top of their breast.

Vietnam is home to five different kinds of broadbills, one of which is the banded broadbill. It measures about 22 cm in length and boasts a beautiful vinous-reddish head. Its most striking feature is its gigantic turquoise blue beak that stands out against its light blue eye rings. This bird has duller reddish underparts and a black wing with a broad light yellow band on the feathers used for flying. Both the male and female have similar appearances, but the female lacks the short blackish band on the top of her breast that the male has.

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