Adventuring Through the Majestic Mountains with the Himalayan Yellownape’s Golden Drummer

Exploring the Brilliant Beauty of the Mountains’ Golden Drummer with the Himalayan Yellownape

There are two types of red-winged green woodpeckers that can be spotted in Vietnam, and one of them is the red-winged green woodpecker. This woodpecker is of medium size, measuring around 27 cm, and has a noticeable yellow crest that extends from its head to its neck. Its upper body is blue, while its primary wing feathers are red, and its lower body is white with stripes. It’s important to note that the female’s head does not have the red coloration seen on the male’s head.

Vietnam is home to two varieties of Lesser Yellownape, one of which is the Himalayan Yellownape. These woodpeckers are fairly average in size, measuring around 27 cm. Their undersides are characterized by green coloring with delicate white stripes, and their primaries feature red bars. They also sport a one-of-a-kind golden-yellow crest that stretches from their crown to their neck. Interestingly, female Yellownapes have less red on their crowns when compared to males.

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