Amazing Animal-Shaped Buildings Around The World That You Should Never Miss

Prepare to be enchanted by the boundless creativity and artistic brilliance of architects worldwide who have ventured beyond the confines of conventional designs. Brace yourself for a world where kindergartens whimsically take on the guise of mischievous cats, skyscrapers gracefully transform into majestic elephants, and hotels assume the form of magnificent crocodiles!

These mesmerizing creations only scratch the surface of the captivating domain of animal-shaped architecture. Whether these architectural marvels embody the essence of the building’s purpose, such as a fisheries department ingeniously resembling a fish, or they are playful manifestations of pure imagination, like roadside attractions featuring colossal dinosaurs or regal whales, the influence of this “zoomorphic” style extends far and wide.

So, take a deep breath as we embark on a captivating journey, uncovering 25 extraordinary instances of animal-inspired architecture that will leave you utterly enchanted.

#1. The National Fisheries Development Board Building in Hyderabad.

#2. Giant corrugated-iron sheep and ram sculptures in Tirau, New Zealand.

#3. A tourist complex shaped like a koala in Dadswells Bridge, Australia.

#4. An egg shop shaped like a duck in Flanders, New York.

#5. A Philippines building shaped like a crab in Dagupan, Philippines.

#6. Wat Samphran Dragon Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

#7. A new house built in the shape of an elephant in the Moscow suburbs, Oktyabr’skiy, Russia.

#8. B&B shaped like a beagle in Cottonwood, Idaho.

#9. A steakhouse shaped like a longhorn skull in Amado, Arizona.

#10. A building shaped like an elephant in Margate City, New Jersey.

#11. Giraffe Childcare Center in Paris, France.

#12. Fishing hall of fame shaped like a musky fish in Haywadrd, Wisconsin.

#13. The Universum Science Center is a clam shaped building in Bremen, Germany.

#14. The Kakadu Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru, Australia.

#15. Snail House in Sofia, Bulgaria.

#16. A kindergarten shaped like a cat in Karlsruhe, Germany.

#17. A building in a Japanese park shaped like a whale in Simonoseki, Japan.

#18. Giant Pig Hot Dog Stand in S St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX.

#19. The modern wooden replica of the Trojan Horse in Turkish.

#20. A swimming hole structure shaped like a whale in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

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