Discovering the Enchantment and Curiosities Behind the Narcissus Flycatcher’s Entrancing Melody and Exquisite Features

Unveiling the Beauty and Mysteries of a Migratory Bird with a Mesmerising Song: The Narcissus Flycatche

Measuring at 13 cm, the yellow-backed flycatcher belongs to the medium-sized group of the flycatcher family. It’s interesting to note that notable disparities exist between the male and female species. Males can be easily distinguished with their fading chest and lower body, complemented by a striking orange neck and black crest. In addition, the males have the characteristic feature of black tails and wings, paired with white markings, and bright yellow eyes. On the other hand, females have white lower bodies adorned with multiple white scales found on the sides of their throat and breast. They also have brown upper bodies.

The Narcissus flycatcher is a decently sized bird that belongs to the flycatcher family, measuring about 13cm. One can easily distinguish between male and female, as they have different physical features. The male Narcissus flycatcher has a black crown, an orange-yellow eyebrow, an orange neck with lighter breast and underparts, black wings with a white wing patch, an orange-yellow rump, and a black tail with white tips. On the other hand, the female Narcissus flycatcher has white underparts with varied black scales on the breast and neck sides, and her upperparts are brow-shaped.

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