Have A Look At Lilac-Breasted Roller, The Most Appealing Bird In Africa’s Sky

You must have seen a rainbow at least once in your life, but have you ever observed a living rainbow in the sky? It might sound a bit weird, but soon you’ll understand what we’ve just mentioned. Right now, let’s have a date with the stunning Lilac-Breasted Roller bird, whose coat looks exactly like a vivid rainbow in the sky.

These birds are often easily spotted with their colorful plumage tones. Blue with sturdy little black beaks is the color of their heads. The most stunning part of the bird’s body is its lilac chest, which is lighter as it goes near the throat.

Additionally, they have dark blue colored, forked tails that end in black streamers. Their wings are so incredible with the perfect combination of ocean blue and bright green.

Though male birds are expected to be bigger than female birds, they both share similar coat colors. On the other hand, young birds’ colors are slightly different from mature rollers. Their tails don’t have black streamers and their abdomen and chests are reddish brown instead of lilac.

Usually found alone or in pairs, Lilac Breasted Roller bird is not typically seen in places with heavy human traffic. They prefer open woodland and savanna and often be seen perched at the tops of trees, poles, or other high vantage points from where they can spot prey moving about on the ground. They feed on beetles, grasshoppers, snails, lizards, and smaller birds.

After successful mating, it only takes 22 to 24 days for the eggs of the female bird to hatch. Baby birds have no chance to survive in nature so their parents need to take good care of them before they’re mature enough. Nesting takes place in a natural hole in a tree where a clutch of 2–4 eggs is laid,


and pairs are protective of their nest, and one of the pair will fly in a rolling pattern as a territorial display against intruders or to detract nest predators. Approximately 19 days since they’ve been hatched, the plumes of the young roller will grow.

Their colorful feathers are used in many African rituals. Kings and chieftains of tribes will sacrifice a Lilac-breasted Roller to celebrate the war’s end. Historically, it’s been said that some African Tribes consider these birds as symbols of peace. There’s also believed that the Lilac-breasted rollers mate for life and because of this, some African countries use the bird’s feather in an interesting marriage ritual!


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