His Tail Cocked At The Ready, Wearing An Iridescent Pale Blue Helmet This Is A Bird Always Ready For Action, Standing Out Wherever He Goes!

Photo Courtesy of James Niland / CC BY 2.0

The variegated fairywren (Malurus lamberti) measures 14-15 cm (5.5-6 inches) in length, weighing in at 6-11 grams (0.21-0.39 oz). These birds display a high degree of sexual dimorphism where the males adopt brilliantly iridescent blue and chestnut plumage which contrasts beautifully with his black and grey to brown. When in breeding plumage he also exhibits striking blue ear coverts, a black throat, and nape, a royal blue upper back, chestnut shoulders, and a blue to grey tail. His wings are grey to brown and his belly is white.

Females are predominantly brown to grey in color, she has a red-brown bill and bright rufous lores.

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