The Distinctive Island With A Scarlet Coast: Where Sand Transforms Into Life’s Sustenance

The island of Hormuz was formed 600 million years ago. But only in the past 50 thousand years has this place been known to indigenous people and the world for its fame as a magical land, bearing the color of the only magical chameleon on the planet.

This place has a beauty that amazes many visitors because it owns a unique ruby ​​red beach in the world. After many years of hard work and research, scientists have finally found the cause that makes the beach on the island of Hormuz flooded with a red color like a sea of ​​blood. It’s all because Gelack originates from a mountain rich in red oxide soil near the coast.

Gelack is located deep in the ground on a mountain that has faded to the sea and the stretch of sand spread across the island of Hormuz, creating a wonderful natural picture that makes everyone immersed and unwilling to leave. Walking on the island of Hormuz, you can bury your feet in the sand and both black and red, watch each blood-red wave and take unique photos that cannot be seen anywhere.

This beach became a phenomenon on social networks when many tourists shared their pictures here. They think that this is a magical beauty of Persia and want more people to know about it.

Hormuz Island still retains its inherent wildness, with natural beauty like a gift from nature, the island attracts many tourists and becomes the dream destination of many travel enthusiasts. Coming here, you can also visit other places such as Salt Mountain or Rainbow Valley to make the trip more complete.

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