“The Majestic Tree Trunks: A Living Testament to the Soulful Essence of Mother Nature’s Creation”

Debra Bernier, an artist from Victoria, Canada, makes imaginative sculptures using materials from nature. Her works of art are made from driftwood that surrounds her in the area. Bernier meticulously studies each piece of driftwood to understand its shape and form before carving it out or adding to it to create intricate and delicate feminine figures. According to Bernier

when she works with driftwood, she doesn’t begin with a blank canvas; instead, each piece already has its sculptural beauty shaped by the caresses of the waves and winds. Bernier believes that driftwood tells a story, and she tries to imagine its journey as she holds it in her hand. She then extends or shortens the curves and contours that already exist to form familiar shapes of faces or animals.

Debra is an artist who doesn’t limit herself to working with just wood. She likes to incorporate various found objects such as shells, clay, and stones to complement her art pieces. Her sculptures are like forest and seashore nymphs that blend into nature and evoke themes of motherhood and fertility. By using shells, which have been a symbol of fertility in many cultures,

Debra reinforces this idea. Her pieces are a modern-day interpretation of prehistoric stone Venus figurines that are calming and contemplative. Debra believes that her artwork is a reflection of her life, family, and children, as well as our eternal and sacred connection with nature.

Her beautifully framed photographs capture the essence of her art pieces. You can find both original artwork and prints on her Etsy shop. If you see driftwood on the beach, you’ll likely never view it the same way again!

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