“The Oriental Dollarbird: A Lively Avian Beauty Soaring Across the Azure Heavens”

The Vivacious Bird of the Clear Blue Skies is the Oriental Dollarbird.

The crow boasts a striking blue tail and neck, as well as a blue back and upper wings. Its beak is broad and short, with a reddish-orange hue. Although there are slight variations between males and females, they are hardly noticeable. Juvenile crows have lighter feathers and lack the distinctive blue throat. Furthermore, unlike adult crows that have red bills and legs, juveniles have brown ones.

The Oriental Dollarbird has a distinct appearance, with bluish green feathers on its back and wings, and glossy brilliant blue feathers on its neck and undertail. Its beak is short and broad, colored in orange-red hue. Both male and female birds look alike. The younger ones lack the vibrant blue color on their throat and are less colorful than adults. Additionally, they have brown feet and bills instead of the red ones that appear in mature birds.

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