The World’s 10 Most Amazing Natural Elephant Rocks

Sometimes, the natural landscape can bear an uncanny resemblance to creatures in the wild – like elephants, for example. Elephant rocks are amazing natural formations that can be found in different parts of the world, such as Iceland, New Zealand, or the United States.

Elephant rocks are usually made of granite or limestone, and they have been shaped by erosion over millions of years. Some of them are very old, dating back to 1.5 billion years ago. And with their large, rounded shapes and grey colors, they indeed look like elephants. So it is no wonder that elephant rocks are popular attractions for tourists, geologists, and history enthusiasts, as they offer a unique landscape and a glimpse into the past.

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 of the most stunning elephant-shaped rocks around the world!

Photo: Diego Delso

Photo: Clemensfranz


Photo: The Dye Clan

Photo: Esin Üstün


Photo: Outlookxp

Photo: @new_zea

Photo: Walter Baxter

Photo: Joe Shlabotnik

Photo: The Dye Clan

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