Vibrant Feathers: Uncovering the Beauty of 10 Unique Birds of Paradise

At times, people refer to a place as “heaven on Earth” when they are amazed by its incredible beauty. This description is best suited for the tropical rain forests of eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, where unique and breathtaking birds, known as birds-of-paradise, can be found. These birds are enchanting due to their strikingly colourful plumage, which is in sharp contrast to that of their female counterparts. Interestingly, there is a misconception that these birds are always in the air and never touch the ground until they die, which makes them a fascinating subject of study. Take a look at one of these eye-catching birds, Wilson’s bird, with its vibrant and attractive appearance.

The Cicinnurus respublica, also known as Wilson’s bird, is a stunning bird-of-paradise that is native to Indonesia. This species can mainly be found in lowland rain-forests and hill forests that are approximately 300 meters high on the West Papuan islands of Waigeo and Batanta. One of the distinct features of this small bird is its unique coloration. The male Cicinnurus respublica has predominantly black and red feathers with a yellow cape and a turquoise crown. The crown is actually a patch of bare skin that has a double-cross blackish pattern. Furthermore, it has a green breast, rich blue feet, and two curved violet feathers. On the other hand, the female Cicinnurus respublica looks entirely different from the male as it has brownish feathers and a bare blue crown. Male Cicinnurus respublica birds are known for their peculiar appearance and their stunning display of colors during courtship. They have a diet that primarily consists of fruits and small insects. Due to the loss of their natural habitat, they have been categorized as near-threatened. Additionally, they are also referred to as King Birds.

The Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise, also known as kumul, is a widely distributed bird species in southern and northeastern regions of New Guinea. It is the national bird of Papua New Guinea and is known for its stunningly colorful feathers that are collected and worn during local ceremonies and festivals. This bird species is approximately 13 inches long and has a maroon and brown body with a grayish-blue bill. The males possess a yellow crown and dark emerald-green throat, while females have short tail feathers and a relatively dull maroonish-brown color. The Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise generally feeds on fruit and arthropods and is famous for its unique courtship display that involves shaking its feathers, clapping its wings, and moving its head to attract potential partners. It falls under the category of “Least Concern” in terms of conservation status.

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